About us

About us

Every business lady knows how difficult is to buy the perfect office dress - the dress, which not only adheres to the dress code but also highlights the individuality of its owner.

Letter K – is a new Ukrainian producer of office dresses. Our goal is to create exquisite products that will make your everyday office life brighter and fill it with beauty. We know that business can be feminine! And we want to help you always feel beautiful - when you supervise difficult projects, present business plans and take part in challenging negotiations.

All dresses are made in Kiev. We put all our love and skills into their creation.

All our office dresses are made in limited quantities. So you can be sure it is unique and reflects your style and image. We carefully select fabrics and prefer natural materials (wool, silk, cotton, linen). It gives an elegant appearance to a dress and a pleasure to wear it in any weather.

We use only high-quality fabrics and strictly control the production process.

Our dresses are various in styles, fabrics and colours and allow you to choose a model for every taste. We will be happy to help you with advice to pick a dress of your dream.

We are confident in the quality of Letter K dresses because the Client always comes back for the next dress.